Braden Power

After 10 years of leasing apartments, Braden and Craig started the venture in development of condos for sale.

Bella was the first project. "We wanted to come in to the market with a price point that no one else was offering.  We were hoping to offer a solution to individuals that were desiringa sophisticated look with a minimal budget. That meant that the new condos neededto sell for as low as $70 a foot. My job was to create this look. I was able to make this happen by manufacturing many of the products such as the entry doors, fountains, outdoor furnishings, lanterns, and gates from Mexico. The interiors were designed with contemporary Spanish flair complete with seamless glass walk in showers, hardwoods, and floor to ceiling glass wood doors and windows. In addition, we purchased 40, 30 foot palm trees, antique Chicago bricks for the walkways, stone benches and fountains. This modern interior design married well to the more lived in old world Spanish aesthetic in courtyards and pool area.