Braden Power

greenhouse flats

5200 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, Tx 



The building was originally one huge grey structure. No one would by it. I had to do something substantial in order to turn the tables on this project.

In December 2012, started what was a true collaboration. Part Yvonne, part me.   Her inspiration for the arch cabanas from the Mondrian hotel was a major attribute.

Yvonne created the preliminary 3D renderings, designed the giant arches, steel glass tower entrances and the chandeliers. She designed the courtyards, steel cabanas and coordinated all fabrics used on the furniture and assisted with the interior design.

I designed the pool, the flanking courtyards, the cladding, the roof, the one-way windows, the interior design and custom mirror work.  One of my favorite accomplishments is the giant statue at the front of the building that was custom made for me.  It’s a 10-foot-wide polished stainless ball with 2 life size bronze figurines pushing it. I also designed and worked with vendors overseas for kitchens, bathrooms and flooring and again coordinated with a Los Angeles based company to ship everything to Dallas.

Again, working with artificial vegetation, the Greenhouse is beautiful and lush year round.  It is virtually maintenance free, never needs watering and maintenance is at a minimum. 

The Greenhouse is what spurred Bel-Air Outdoor Living. I learned a lot about design and manufacturing in China and working with Yvonne brought a whole different element of knowledge.   

I am proud to say that about a year after this project was completed, Yvonne joined Power Properties. With our expertise and background we collaborated to redesign almost all the courtyards.  We wanted to complete a new look for 2014, which we did.  We started in 2012 and finished in late 2014



What’s outdoors: 

A drop-dead-gorgeous infinity pool

Private patios enclosed by grass hedges

South Beach-cool cabanas

Photo-worthy bronze courtyard sculptures

What’s indoors: 

Contemporary European-style kitchens

Uber-modern chandeliers

Marble accent walls

Designer hardwood flooring throughout and so much more!