Braden Power


the london

5601 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, Tx



It had been 10 years since we'd done a property. During those ten years, we were mainly focusing on condo conversions and sales.

The London was a real big turning point in my life. It was the first time I collaborated on design.  This project was designed by Designer Yvonne Wong.  Yvonne is incredibly creative and has an amazing eye for fabrics, colors and is responsible for bringing a lot of that to the finishes of several of our most recent renovations.

The products and designs to create the high end chic NYC Miami Hotel look come at a higher price point than you'd expect for the rent paid by the tenants.  Being one of my most recent projects, I had an epiphany that I'd need to be able to make my own fixtures and finishes and get them at a price point that was within reason.

First, I found resources overseas and arranged to buy everything in bulk through a Los Angeles based company.  In the states I was paying $1,200 for a super high end looking fixture that was actually $140.

The London was the first time I was introduced to artificial vegetation (astro turf) through Yvonne.  Landscaping is a massive undertaking and the artificial vegetation has allowed us to save on money, water bills and maintenance. With the heat of summer in Dallas and cold winters, grass and plants usually don’t fare well.  Live vegetation gets dried out or dies.  It's huge to have year round color and with The London, it just works.



What’s outdoors: 

A magazine-worthy infinity pool and spa-like jacuzzi

A lively private courtyard surrounded by 100-year old Oak trees

Oversized modern chandeliers and custom-designed lounge furniture

Gourmet outdoor kitchen and BBQ fit for a king with a 16ft dining table and 20ft bar with built in fire burners for lux flair

Coiffed lime green topiaries

A courtyard with a soundtrack–music piped in to create a festive vibe

Private yards and front patios


What’s indoors: 

Contemporary European-style kitchens with stainless steel appliances

Super stylish custom chandeliers

Quartz and marble countertops in kitchen and baths

Natural slate stone laid in the bathrooms

Designer hardwood flooring throughout

and so much more!