Braden Power

spanish villas

4903 Worth, Dallas, Tx 



4903 Worth is a historic building and was very similar to my 4417 Swiss “Landmark” project. 

It was gutted and restored and included rebuilding the foundation.

With this project, I got ahead of myself.  I also learned a valuable lesson in working with the Landmark Commission.

The property was in dire need of TLC.  Since we knew we were in a historic district and the building was historic, we contacted the Landmark commission located in Austin that was handling the project to pull the historic designation and let us know what we could or could not do, but they never got back to us.

I spent what little money I had to paint the building, grass the lot and add lots of plants to make it look more like a park. The city cited me and I was told I couldn't have it.  They wanted me to tear everything out.  

By this time, it was a nightmare to back track and get the approvals we needed.  Since then, with new historic properties, no question, we do everything right and even hire Ed Simonds to make sure we follow proper regulations.



What’s outdoors: 

Authentic Spanishred tile roof makes for serious curb appeal

Historic restoration showcases the original charm of the property

A tranquil garden courtyard, where cross breezes and shade are felt through the mature oak trees

Tons of privacy in a peaceful setting

What’s indoors: 

Elegant wide plank hardwood floors throughout

Soaring ceilings and large square footage typical of historic properties

Large windows that stream in tons of natural light

Kitchen and bathrooms updated with all modern amenities and features, like white marble walk in showers, stainless steel appliances and stone countertops

and so much more!